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“Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.”
~ Benjamin Franklin

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Increase Productivity using Microsoft Outlook

Email is often seen as both a benefit and a curse; supposedly making the process of communicating and planning easier, but often becoming a 'pirate' of our precious time and productivity by forcing us into bad habits.

- For instance, who can't resist checking their email inbox every few minutes to see whether there is any new email?

Because most email applications are designed to be used straight 'out of the box', with no training, if used incorrectly, they can soon become a drain on time and resources. Bad habits can soak up precious productivity and can turn a valuable database of communications and planning opportunities into an unmanageable quagmire of unfathomable depth and complexity.

However, it doesn't need to be this way. Microsoft Outlook, one of the leading email applications, contains a number of hidden tools and tricks making it more than simply an email and calendar tool. All that is required is for companies and individuals to apply some simple training and techniques, turning Outlook into a powerful time management, planning, tracking and monitoring tool, which can increase overall productivity.

WorkingSm@rt® with Microsoft Outlook

Doldrum Bay Consulting has been working with Priority Management International Training who have developed an outstanding course that uses Microsoft Outlook to integrate communications, tasks, activities, and planning to apply what Priority Management call the WorkingSm@rt© method. [1]

This hands-on course helps you to:

  • Create a consistent focus on priorities
  • Gain control of your inbox and email
  • Improve your communications
  • Manage your time, tasks, and activities
  • Use Outlook with a ‘business planning’ approach

Priority Management in Ireland and worldwide offer a 1-day instructor led class-based course followed by a one to one coaching session to reinforce learning. This approach has proven to be successful in delivering productivity gains to thousands of graduates to date. [2] Over 823 companies and 14,283 individuals from around the world completed a workshop effectiveness questionnaire since the programme was launched in 2007. When asked:

"How much time have you gained each day as a result of the program?"

the average of all the respondents, for all companies was +62 Minutes per day per person. [3]

Furthermore, a case study based on post programme evaluations conducted after running the course for a medical technology and healthcare services provided in the UK, found the following results:

  • 66% improvement in Managing Emails
  • 72% improvement in Planning and Organisation
  • 53% improvement in Teamwork
  • 49% improvement in Balancing Work and Life [4]

For many of the attendees, changing their email, tasks and calendar behaviours and habits has dramatically improved their working (and personal) lives.

“Very helpful - I wish I’d done this training years ago. It empowers people with effective time, project and people management.”

In fact, word of mouth recommendations accounts for most new attendees of the training course in Ireland.

As a result, Doldrum Bay Consulting recommends this course to anyone wanting to improve their everyday business and personal productivity.

For further information

For more details on this course, please contact David Foley,


[1] Working Sm@rt with Microsoft Outlook, Priority Management International Training. For the latest upcoming public training dates for the WorkingSm@rt with Microsoft Outlook course in Ireland see Priority Management: Workshop Schedule

[2] For more information about Priority Management in Ireland visit

[3] Working Sm@art with Outlook survey results.

[4] Case Study - Medtronic Working Sm@rt 2015, @2018 Priority Management International Training - London

WorkingSm@rt with Microsoft Outlook is © Priority Management International Inc. All rights reserved. "Priority", "WorkingSm@rt" and “A Better Way To Work” are registered trademarks of Priority Management International Inc.